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Frequently asked questions

Are the learning sessions open to the public?

The workshops are open for the public, sometime a small fee for the materials used in the class.


Who are the teachers in our learning sessions?

All our teachers are members of our association. We love learning from and teaching new skills to each other and to people who are interested.


How do you handle IP issues?

We don’t. Everything we discuss and work on is open and in the public domain.

Will you sign a Non Disclosure agreement (NDA) for a project ?

No. (See point on IP).


Do you charge fees for engagement?

No. We do not charge fees. We do welcome contributions of ideas, time and material support (e.g. donation of parts, equipment, computing time...). If and when needed we raise funds to enable specific activities.

Do you collaborate with industry and patient groups?

We are open for all collaborations as long as they are aligned with our open spirit and member guidelines


How often do you meet?

Currently, we meet at least once a week, on Thursday evenings. We use Slack & email to stay in touch.

How do you choose which topics to work on?

Our association members are free to chose what they work on.


What skills and expertise do you have?

Together, we bring ~ 200 years of combined experience and skills in: software development, electronics, data science, 3D printing, physics, psychology, technology and project management, organizational development, pediatric care and patient engagement.   

Still more questions or want to know more. Contact us

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