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Alumni / Former members

These are our people who contributed to help to build our dream of the heathhack lab and we gratefull for contributions.


Andrew is a health hacker and a member the #WeAreNotWaiting open source diabetes care movement. He is most interested in finding ways to generate optimal outcomes by combining traditional medicines with digital therapeutics.


Rafael is a software engineering, device protoyping , 3D printing wizard and co-founder of the hhlab.


Larry is a patent owning software and hardware maestro , white hat hacker and co-founder of the hhlab. He is passionate about teaching youth and the lab members about technology.


Graeme has worked in the IT and Informatics sector for more years than he cares to remember. He is a tech nerd and an entrepreneur.


His interest is in understanding the human condition and developing ways of using the things around us to solve problems. Graeme recently received an award for his innovation from the AI research institute IDIAP Martigny.

Blanca Schuster_edited_edited.png

Blanca is a paediatric surgeon who enjoys thinking outside the box and to explore new technologies. She wants to find digital solutions to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients. She enjoys trips with her husband with their road bikes and dinner parties with friends.


PK is a mathematician, data scientist and IT geek. He likes the idea that a mixture of  technology, data and good will, can help patients live healthier and happier lives.


Having a slavic soul and european spirit, PK is a fan of good italian coffee and various outdoor activities in the swiss alps.


Simona is a pharmacist. She worked in a pharmacy and then in pharmaceutical industry in Quality Assurance/Compliance. She had an accident which led to some limitation, so she knows very well what it is like to be a patient.
She is interested in exploring and working on new ways of thinking and living. Consequently, she is interested in sustainability and the SDGs of the agenda 2030 for sustainable development, in self-organization and agile methods, as well in what digitalization can bring us in a value-driven environment.

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