Covid-19 Resources

A collection of sites and on-line resources we find useful to make sense, monitor and act on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lack of information and coherence of our individual actions prolongs the pandemic.

Spreading information and not the virus can save lives.  Sometimes, the best actions are non-actions.


Dashboards, representations to orient ourselves and  follow the situation in different parts of the world


What can we do, from self-reporting to maker's projects


Collected FAQ from external sources, and experts in our network


Context / Understand

A video illustration of exponential processes and contagion. 

The Johns Hopkins site about the international situation and responses to COVID-19.

A set of lectures, including public health and economic  policies and recommendations on the Covid-19 pandemic 

Frequently asked questions about SwissCovid App for Contact Tracing, put together with an alliance of civic organisations and beta testers.

An influential paper about the impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to reduce COVID19 mortality and healthcare demand

A presentation from South Korea: public health responses.

A link to a Washington Post with animation how to “flatten the curve”.

A critical view on the "Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions...", and its shortcomings

A short course from the London Business School: from pandemic to global economic impact, slide deck.

A video explanation indicating the effects of hygiene and "distancing"  measures using simple simulations models of epidemics.



A site that tracks the Covid-19 epidemic for all affected countries.

A site that tracks the Covid-19 epidemic in Spain.

A video explanation of a better way to graph the evolution of COVID-19 coronavirus cases evolution to see if epidemics start slowing down

A Site that track the Covid-19 epidemic in Switzerland

The Johns Hopkins site about the international situation and responses to COVID-19.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) tests performed in Europe by Country.

A site that tracks the Covid-19 epidemic in Italy

How are we doing? A graphical representation of how the epidemic is evolving in different countries (new cases Vs cases, log-log)

List with opensource Swiss datasets relating to COVID-19



Request for help by Basel-Land Hospital for specialist staff 

The Johns Hopkins site about the international situation and responses to COVID-19.

Free Printable Posters and Signs for COVID-19 for Small Businesses & Organizations


Frequently Asked Questions


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