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What do we do

Listen - Build - Learn - Inspire ourselves to improve a person’s life.

We are a non profit lab for patients, caregivers and innovators to co-create solutions that address everyday health challenges.


We bring people, training, knowledge and equipment together to help others to improve their lives step by step

Patient challenges

We work together with patients, patient groups, health professionals, friends and families to understand where simple changes/ideas can make a big impact on a person's life.

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Our Projects 

We collect patient challenges, break them up into “hackable bits” and work on them. For example:

 - Light sensors and app for EPP

 - Wearables for T1 Diabetic children

 - App for pediatric incontinence


We conduct learning session in making, coding, hacking, electronics, user experience, entrepreneurship, and practically anything else you care to learn, giving you the skills you need to make something that can improve a patient's life.

About Us

Our “Why”

We want to use our creativity and skills to make a positive impact on patients and caregivers- One person at a time.

We want to learn from each other.

We like hanging out together and solving problems.

We are inspired by open source communities like OpenAPS, Apache and generations of inventors.

Our ways of working

We offer knowledge and (some) equipment to our members. We help our members bring their ideas to life.


We fully embrace the idea of open-source. We want to make the biggest impact on other people’s lives by sharing our ideas and solutions to a wider community.

Our organization

The Health Hacking Lab is a not-for- profit association (a Swiss "Verein").

We are independent and our activities are self-funded, currently via small membership fee from our members.

 Who we are


Giovanni is a physicist, turned technologist and innovation enabler. He co-founded hhlab, as a way to explore community-based innovation in health-care, putting people in the center. Curious to learn and grow, sometimes he sings in a choir.


Carsten is an entrepreneur and digital health integrator. Applying his system thinker mind, he is always looking for new ways to make his environment better.
When he is not searching for healthcare solutions, he travels the world with his family in their camper.

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Abhi enjoys bringing together people and idea to make a positive impact. He co-founded the hhlab inspired by the individual work of friends and colleagues. An accidental business technologist, he meditates on his bicycle. 


Marc is a biologist developing advanced therapies and biophotonic medical devices.


He is a technology-driven maker that enjoys prototyping. When he is not in the workshop, he cultivates his vineyard.


Stephan is a Systems Engineer who wants to see more than only the inside of data centers and their Cloud Automation solutions.


He is interested generally in technology from Space Flight to AI. He also has Cystic Fibrosis, a chronic illness which is affecting the lungs and is interested in building solutions who will help patients.


Onno is an entrepreneur, a self taught programmer and co-founder of the hhlab. He loves learning about new technology topics and helping other people with digital questions.  

In his free time he enjoys playing tennis and spending time with his family.


Caroline is a psycologist. Finding unconventional solutions to complex problems is a challenge she never says “no” to, which is the reason, why she enjoys being in the hhlab. She enjoys travelling and meeting new people. 

Interested? Do you have project or want to join us? 

Get in touch with us



Evelyn nourished her curiosity in different industry sectors & cultures along all stages of the innovation process from foresight to sales.


She still dreams, to create solutions for a fairer world  TOGETHER!


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